About Brew

Plan > Create > Enjoy!

Our aim is to matchmake businesses with suitable customers through online digital media. If you have a product, service or message, we will help you find your ideal customer, (if you haven’t a clear picture in your mind).  We’ll target your website and communications towards your ideal customer in a deliberate and careful way, while protecting and building your brand image. We will find the best keywords to target and build a WordPress site or e-Commerce store that is responsive, mobile-ready, secure and optimised for Google and the search engines. We specialise in WordPress as the development platform as it is flexible and rated highly in Google searches.

Brew Digital was founded by me, Inigo Evans, on the Sunshine Coast, using the knowhow of my previous web design ventures in Sydney – East Coast Creative and Tidy Web – as well as the experience of founding and growing an Apple reseller/consultancy/service centre (maccentre.com.au) from 2002-2015. Prior t0 that I worked as Production Manager at Auto Trader in Sydney and the UK, overseeing the creation and quality of 1,000 pages of published content every week.

As you might have guessed, I love working at the intersection of tech, creativity and business, and have a passion for helping entrepreneurial types grow start-ups and SMBs all over Australia. I pride myself on being easy to deal with, giving friendly advice and paying attention to details. Digital strategy is vital for most businesses and your web site is your shop window, an investment that can make or break your profits and your brand. Think about who you would trust with that asset, and whether they will care about you and your business once the site is built. I offer maintenance and management plans so that you can budget for future changes as your business grows.